Site Requirements

WIC is not responsible for any hardware or software problems resulting from the installation of third party tools, including Web browsers, plug-ins, or other suggested downloads.

WIX On-Line Browser Requirements

To make the most of your visit, make sure you are using one of the browsers shown below. You'll find information on recommended and minimum requirement browsers.

Minimum System Requirements

Supported Operating Systems

  Windows XP SP3 Professional
  Windows Vista SP2 (1)
  Windows 7 (1)
  Windows 7 SP1 (1)
  Windows 8 (2)
(1) 32-bit and 64-bit O/S editions supported
(2) Windows 8 is supported with the mouse and keyboard interface. Touch screen interactions with Windows 8 have not been tested and are not offically supported.

Minimum Screen Resolution

  Screen resolution of [1024] x [768] is recommended.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

  2.0 GHz Pentium 4-class processor
  2 GB RAM

Supported Browsers (3)

  Mozilla Firefox ESR 17
  IE 6.0 SP3
  IE 7.0
  IE 8.0
  IE 9.0
  IE 10 (4)
(3) Please note that 64-bit versions of Firefox and IE are not supported.
(4) Compatibility View display mode is required to render some pages accurately.

Java Runtime-Environment (JRE) (5)

  Oracle Java 6
  Oracle Java 7
(5) Note: Java 7 update 21 or newer is recommended due to significantly enhanced security.  Part of the enhanced security includes file checks each time Java is started.  This can cause Java to load slowly.